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2022 New Arrival: the Cost-Effective Poultry Lighting System You Can't Miss!


2022 New Arrival: the Cost-Effective Poultry Lighting System You Can’t Miss!

According to a report, the global LED lighting market in the poultry farming sector is predicted to reach a spike by hitting an enormous target of over $505.0 million by the end of 2025. These figures showcase that modern people and businessmen prefer professional tools and systems to boost the production of animal husbandry. 


With the rising awareness of LED lighting in poultry, the poultry lighting system tops the list as one of the most concrete and notable examples of the latest and professional agricultural tooling elements. However, do you ever know why manufacturers who provide lighting systems pay attention to upgrades and innovations of poultry lighting systems? This article will guide you in figuring out this doubt.



Problems in Traditional Poultry Lighting Systems 

The past few years have witnessed that people encounter numerous obstacles in executing the conventional poultry lighting systems for breeding poultry. For instance, some farmers choose 480Vdc lamps because they have a lower risk of fire in the event of a short circuit. However, there is a universal problem in this solution: voltage drop.


What Is the Voltage Drop?

The voltage drop refers to the more series connection of the 48Vdc LED lamp, the lower the lamp's brightness. It means that the light in the back will be dimmer than in the front. In addition, when in the longer distance, it is obvious that the difference in brightness is caused by voltage drop from the first lamp to the last lamp in the same row.


What Bad Effects Will the Voltage Drop Bring to the Poultry?

There are two major harmful effects that the voltage drop brings to the poultry.

Uneven Lighting

Appropriate poultry lighting is essential to the growth and production of poultry. However, the voltage drop poultry house lighting system leaves poultry with inadequate and irregular lighting, such as only poultry near the lights receive high illumination, while these far from the lamps perceive little or no lighting at all.


Affect the Production Quality

Since the traditional voltage drop poultry house lighting system lacks the proper light, it will affect the next generation of chickens, the weight and quality of broilers, and the output of eggs.


Traditional Solutions to Solve Voltage Drop

There are two common solutions to cope with voltage drop. On the one hand, farmers will add the voltage drop lines. On the other hand, farmers will install the control system in the middle of the poultry house, which will bring great inconvenience, especially at night, because operators need to go to the middle to control the lighting system.


In this condition, poultry owners urgently need an advanced solution to better deal with the voltage drop obstacles.


New Poultry Lighting System Will Work the Best For You!

Through continuous efforts and innovations, Hontech-Wins has successfully launched a new producta 480Vdc no voltage drop dimmable poultry lighting system. Our impeccable R&D team has developed this efficient design to resolve several complications caused by the traditional animal husbandry system. And our up-to-grade poultry lighting system can efficiently mimic natural daylight and other significant functions that uplift its market demand in the breeding industry. The following are distinctive merits that our products offer.


Perfect Solve the Voltage Drop Obstacle

Our new arrival, no voltage drop lighting solution, can successfully solve the obstacles confronted by poultry owners by offering the same level of the lamp's brightness from the first to the last. In addition, the no voltage drop lighting solution allows the luminaire to be connected to 147 meters, and the power supply is installed in the service area, wonderfully solving the traditional voltage drop problems.


Uniform Lighting

The agricultural lighting system has a patent design with a digital dimmable solution that provides consistent poultry lighting throughout the whole place. In this way, the product successfully achieves regulated accurate as well as soft poultry lighting under required demands. 

Suitable Lighting Environment for Poultry

With the competitive no voltage drop feature in the poultry lightning system, it creates a perfect living environment for maintaining healthy and productive animal husbandry. For instance, it can be regulated into a light source suitable for poultry, realizing high production and immense commercial value. In addition, this advanced design is a wonderful solution to deal with obstacles brought by the traditional system to reach the goal of increasing the production whatever the season is.

Hontech-Wins: Cost-Effective Dimmable Lighting Solutions Provider

After looking at the significant features of the newly launched Hontech-Wins poultry lighting product, it is evident that we are well aware of the problems faced by the people regarding the conventional poultry house lighting systems. 


We understand your pain points better than any other brand in the industry and provide you with the most cost-effective products, such as cutting-edge dimmable lighting systems. Another essential factor contributing to our success is that we are highly qualified professionals thriving for excellence and quality. Not only that, but you will also get affordable prices for quality dimmable poultry lighting solutions combined with exceptional after-sales services.

So in case you have any inquiries about our new 480Vdc no voltage drop dimmable poultry lighting system, please get in touch with us soon.