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Follow 5 Factors to Choose the Best Poultry House Lighting Systems


An increasing number of farmers are aware of the significant role of sufficient poultry lighting, especially in the condition that they want higher quantity and quality products. Nowadays, more evidence has shown that sufficient poultry lighting can leave a strong and positive impact on the layering hens and the breeding broilers by maximizing egg production, stimulating mating cycles, and boosting health and weight characters as desired outcomes. 

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Consequently, it's no surprise that farmers are sieving through countless brands of poultry house lighting systems to identify the best among all available poultry lighting products in the market. In order to help you make a better buying decision, this article will guide you to master some essential factors you should consider when choosing poultry house lighting systems. 


5 Things to Consider for the Best Poultry House Lighting Systems 

To achieve outstanding quality results, it is essential to discover which poultry house lighting systems can reach the desired targeted poultry lighting goals. Therefore, this blog has compiled a list of top 5 factors that will help you focus on what's important in the light hunt process by pointing out what aspects need to be more emphasized than the others. 

1. Advanced Technology

First and foremost, you have to pay attention to the advanced technology features. One significant example is to choose no voltage drop lighting systems. Since we have explained some harmful effects of using voltage drop lighting systems in our previous articles, including non-uniform poultry lighting distribution and low-quality production of poultry broilers and breeders, it is wise to choose a poultry house lighting systems provider who can offer advanced technology like no voltage drop. 


In this condition, the high-tech products of poultry house lighting systems are the best shot to conquer these traditional lighting drawbacks with effective poultry lighting equipment. 

2. Superior Performance

The performance of each broiler lighting system or poultry house lighting system is an essential factor that can not be ignored. For instance, poultry house lighting systems should be high efficiency, have several modes to regulate the brightness, smooth dimming without flickering, excellent protections for different conditions, and other significant performances. Therefore, consider those poultry house lighting systems that help manage different layering and breeding chickens with perfect settings to control various lighting patterns.


3. Long Lifespan

The integrity and lifespan of the LED lamps utilized in the poultry house lighting systems play a significant role in deciding whether the poultry lighting products are worth it. For instance, a good-quality LED light guarantees a longer lifespan with superior performance to act efficiently. In contrast, a poor-quality LED will be good for nothing in over a month.


It is worth mentioning that the dimmable poultry lighting from Hontech-Wins not only has a longevity of up to 999 days but also has 24 hrs lighting program control that will satisfy users' experience to a large extent. 

4. Suitable for Various Conditions

Your selected poultry house lighting systems should consequently include properties to withstand the temperature and climatic alterations. Supposedly, if the poultry farm is situated near a cold environment with frequent rainfall, it is better to pick up a waterproof poultry lighting product for safe and durable traits. In addition, poultry lighting systems with a wide range of operating temperatures and high IP grade are also worth investment.

5. Easy to Operate 

Last but not least, you have to ensure that all the new functions of your selected poultry house lighting systems provide operations that are easy to pick up. For instance, the poultry lighting products you choose must be dimmable LED solutions to control sufficient light projection with an easy operation. 


Where Will You Find the Best Poultry House Lighting Systems? 

Now that you have clarified how to choose poultry house lighting systems, the next step is to buy them. You don't have to go through all troubles because we are here to recommend you a name, Hontech-Wins, that will solve all your problems related to poultry house lighting systems.

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Our top-notch poultry house lighting systems are trusted by even the overseas markets. It is why our distributors export all the different poultry house lighting systems in high demand across the world. For instance, our various poultry lighting products have been successfully launched in 26 countries worldwide. 


Not to mention, our quality control protocols are of international standards, and therefore, our products are rightly certified by well-known, authoritative organizations. In short, you can't go wrong with Hontech-Wins and our latest poultry lighting equipment – all available at an affordable price, regardless of your poultry farming requirements.