poultry farm lighting system


broiler lighting system


Hontech wins was established in 2009 by Mr. Rodney Wei for the development and production of LED Lights. With his knowledge of LED technology and the marketing requirement for LED Poultry Lighting, Hontech wins succeeded in developing the most suitable LED Lighting for chicken growth.
Why 5000K and Full-spectrum is the best color temperature for broilers? Why do Hontech wins need to design a full spectrum for all chickens?
As chickens see more of the visible light spectrum than humans, the spectrum of broiler lights should be different from the commercial lighting. The lighting for broiler chickens is composed of red, blue, and green colors in one light, which can help chickens grow healthy and induce feed conversion to egg production.

Different colors have different functions: Blue Color decreases movement when catching the chicken, making it not frightened and then improving the quality of chicken meat; Red Color increases food intake and reduces the feather pecking of chicks;  Green Color increases the growth rate at an early age by enhancing the proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells.

This light spectrum is Hontech wins specially designed for broilers. Hontech Wins 5000K LED light and other broiler lights can help chickens gain more weight.