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Hontech-wins Cycle Counting


Hontech-wins Cycle Counting

--- ERP Operation


In order to provide better service to our clients, cycle counting was organized on 6th Jun 2022, including imcoming material, semi-finished product, finished product, dead stock, RMA.


As industry leading company of poultry lighting, Hontech-wins operates the whole process with ERP. Few company runs their business with system in poultry lighting field due to the expensive cost and professional operation.



Hontech-wins is one of the best companies who can run ERP system in argi-lighting industry. Many of them can only use 30%-60% of the system, which can hardly improve service to the client. 

After continually input of money, human resource and training, Hontech-wins reaches 97% effect of ERP system, leads to dramatically improve production efficiency.



In future, Hontech-wins will keep providing best service to our clients base on our high effect system.