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Everything about Agricultural Lighting Systems You Should Know


The use of LED lighting in agriculture has skyrocketed its demand to much extent in modern times, not to mention the dimm
able agricultural system. The advent of dimmable agricultural lighting systems proves to be the most useful and advanced technology that can fulfill farmers’ specific requirements. With the help of the latest dimmable agricultural lighting system, modern farmers are aware of the significance of using it to enhance the production process in agriculture and livestock. 


Thus, in order to help you form a comprehensive understanding of dimmable agricultural lighting systems, this article will guide you to clarify all things you should know about them. Scroll down to get something more.


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What Is Dimmable Agricultural Lighting System?

Dimmable agricultural lighting systems involve artificial lighting sources designed to overcome challenges due to conventional farming methods. This fundamental dimmable agricultural lighting is formulated to assist poultry farmers and is also used as a diverse agricultural lighting solution suitable to meet different livestock lighting demands. 


The best part about these agricultural lighting systems is that they provide different dimmable light levels that can be adjusted and projected to all the animals at the farm accordingly. In addition, the agricultural lighting dimmer ensures an enhanced quality product so that farmers can attain the targeted outcome.


Common Types of Agricultural Lighting Systems

It is acknowledged that various dimmable agricultural lighting systems are suitable for improving production efficiency. Let’s take a look at a few of them and their significant advantages:


Poultry Lighting

Poultry lighting is necessary for breeders and broilers because it provides even and soft lighting. Since the poultry perceives light differently from humans, even a slight change in light’s duration, color, or even intensity can cause different physical and physiological reactions. Therefore, proper light following poultry growth specifications is what farmers need to abide by so that they realize to keep flocks healthy and control the production outcomes.

It is worthing mention that the new poultry lighting system, 480 Vdc no voltage drop dimmer from Hontech-Wins, is a cost-effective solution for poultry use. With distinctive characteristics such as
dimmable lighting and easy control, it can promote feeding and growing, thus achieving mass production. 


Pig Lighting

It is somewhat similar to the poultry, and pigs also demand a certain amount of light to grow and stimulate maturity. Nevertheless, the required intensity of daylight is sometimes unavailable due to the winter seasons and other days when the sunlight is not strong enough to create an impact. In this condition, the pig lighting comes into play. 


Accurate and correct lighting proportions are essential for pigs during different stages of the production cycle. This type of agricultural lighting is suitable for enhancing early pregnancy while promoting weight gain at the weaning stage. In addition, the increasing light intensity can improve litter size and birth weight to a large extent, expanding the final production. 


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Mushroom Lighting

Unlike pigs and poultry, mushrooms need a little light to develop into a well-grown fruiting body fully. To better satisfy different needs, the mushroom lighting system, which is referred to as an essential agricultural lighting tool for farmers, offers adjustable light intensity, color, and duration according to any particular type of mushroom. Moreover, the mushroom lighting benefits the growth and proper development of the mushroom.


Dairy Lighting

In dairy barns, sufficient and equal light distribution to all dairy animals is of vital importance. The evidence has shown that the proper lighting regulation for dairy animals will increase production. For instance, milking cows need to absorb 16 to 18 hours of sunlight, and this method proves to consistently enhance the milk yield by up to 8% to 10%. 


And worth pointing out that the Tri-color cattle agricultural lighting from Hontech-Wins can not only achieve smooth dimming from 0-100% but also provide you with IP 67 protection level with a long life span of more than 50,000 hours. 


Reliable Agricultural Lighting Manufacturer You Must Know

After knowing all the different types of agricultural lighting systems, it is clear that owning high-quality agricultural lighting is crucial. Therefore, to maintain a healthy and productive livestock farm, you need to pick a manufacturer with up-to-grade products to provide you with a perfect lighting solution. 


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