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5 Awesome Facts About Poultry Lighting You Should Know


5 Awesome Facts About Poultry Lighting You Should Know


Quality lighting is one of the most crucial components of successful poultry farming. Because of its ability to efficiently and accurately imitate the sunlight, poultry lighting has become a necessity, and its market is growing exponentially. Adjustable poultry lighting allows farmers to control poultry behavior for optimal productivity. Learning about the facts and functions of poultry lighting is essential if you want to maximize its benefits and increase income.


5 Key Aspects of Using Poultry Lighting

To fully take advantage of the poultry lighting, it’s better to focus on specific aspects, which include the following:


1. Light Spectrum

The light spectrum is an essential aspect of poultry lighting. Generally, poultry lighting should contain a wide range of the spectrum. Lighting solutions with a broad spectrum are closest to the natural daylight spectrum. In this way, the vision, welfare, and performance of poultry can be improved.


2. Light Flicker

Light flicker is a fast fluctuation in the light intensity of poultry lighting. The flickering effect in poultry lighting can increase aggressive behavior in poultry. That’s why the lighting should be as flicker-free as possible. Therefore, LED lights for laying hens should be flicker-free, which is indispensable for poultry farming to improve poultry health and production. 


3. 100-0% Dimmable Light

Light intensity is another crucial aspect you should focus on when using poultry lighting. To simulate the condition of sunrise and sunset, it is vital that the lights dim evenly and smoothly from 100-0%. In this way, the light intensity will be changed from time to time, and natural conditions are optimally simulated, thereby improving the well-being of the poultry.


4. Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index (CRI) refers to how accurately the color of lighting is perceived. A lower color rendering index means that some colors might not appear natural. This can have adverse effects on poultry. A good CRI rating can help farmers improve the poultry’s sight and increase poultry production. LED lights for poultry houses and farms generally have a CRI of 80 or greater.


5. Photoperiod

Photoperiod is a critical aspect in poultry that affects the behavior and growth of broiler chickens and laying hens. Day length influences the health of poultry, and if you fail to provide suitable poultry lighting, it could lead to a decline in their welfare. Photoperiod should be changed and adjusted according to the type of poultry to improve their immune response, mood, health and welfare, and more.


Hontech-Wins Provides Adjustable Poultry Lighting

From the above-listed information, it is easy to conclude that there are multiple aspects of using poultry lighting that influence the level and quality of poultry production on the farm. To maximize the benefits and fully take advantage of poultry lighting, it is highly recommended that you invest in adjustable poultry lighting. Hontech-Wins is a reputed LED light supplier that specializes in offering these products at reasonable prices.


Founded in 2009, Hontech-Wins is the leading pioneer in the highly competitive world of agricultural lighting. Our products are designed with the welfare of livestock in mind and focused on helping farmers increase their yields. The LED poultry lighting products we offer are adjustable, robust, and built with premium quality components to ensure excellent longevity and value for money.


The advanced poultry lighting systems and solutions by Hontech-Wins provide you with complete control over your poultry lighting, making it easy for you to tweak the critical aspects for maximum yields. We use science to understand and design these solutions for the benefit of livestock and farmers. This approach has made us one of the premier LED light manufacturers in the industry. Visit our website to browse our full range of products.