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How to Choose Proper Light for a Pig Farm


How to Choose Proper Light for a Pig Farm


Pigs need the right amount of light to live and communicate with each other. Evidence suggests that dim natural light is more suitable for pigs than highly bright light. In addition, the lighting environment can directly or indirectly affect pig performance. If the farmer does not choose the right light for the pigs, it can disrupt the animals’ biological rhythm, affect the pig herd’s healthy growth, and reduce the economic benefit of the pig farm. Therefore, choosing the appropriate lighting for the pig farm is very important. This article briefly explains the factors to consider before choosing a light for pigs and introduces LED lighting from Hontech-Wins.

Things to consider before choosing lighting for pigs

A better understanding of pigs before choosing lighting can prevent losses from bad decisions. Here are some factors to consider before choosing.


1. Color vision

Pigs have different eyesight than humans. They have poorer color perception, especially in the red part of the spectrum. When a red light is shined on a pig, it can give the pig the illusion that it is sitting in the dark.


2. Seasonality

The reproductive success of pigs is affected by a different seasons. Controlling the amount of time pigs are exposed to light during certain seasons can improve their breeding behavior. For example, adjusting the time pigs are exposed to light to 15-18 hours in the summer can increase food intake in pigs and also increase lactation rates in piglets.


3. Welfare

Continuous 24-hour light can trigger a stress response in pigs. Excessively bright lighting can also cause retinal damage and weight loss in pigs. These adverse reactions can directly affect pig welfare and reduce pig performance.


4. LED lighting

The quality of the lighting environment is related to the healthy growth and the production efficiency of the entire pig herd. LED lighting can help farmers to solve this kind pf problems. The main advantage is the ability to dim lighting to meet the varying lighting needs at different stages of pig production. Furthermore, LED lighting can significantly improve pig welfare by reducing the potential startle effect of turning lights on and off.


Hontech-Wins LED lighting:

Moderate lighting levels can improve pig conformation, reduce disease incidence, and improve feeding recognition rates. However, unstable lighting conditions can lead to nervous and aggressive behavior in pigs.


Therefore, maintaining a stable light level under an unstable external light environment is the primary problem pig farmers need to solve. Two products from Hontech-Wins can greatly help pig farmers to solve these problems.



T8 PIG FARM LIGHTING is LED lighting explicitly designed for pig farms. As a high-efficiency LED lighting, its lifespan can exceed 50,000 hours. Additionally, this product has IP67 and IP69K protection ratings, making it highly waterproof and resistant to ammonia gas, effectively preventing accidents. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this product designed by Hontech-Wins has the best light distribution, which can avoid the glare of pigs, ensure their emotional stability, and reduce their abnormal behavior.




Besides T8, Hontech-Wins has another LED lighting product, T12 PIG FARM LIGHTING. This flicker-free LED poultry farm lighting prevents pigs from being startled when the light is turned on and off. This product can be dimmed smoothly from 0-100%, according to different stages of pigs and different times of the day. Moreover, this product has IP67 and T12 protection levels. T12 protection level pig lighting can withstand high-pressure water jets, ammonia gas, and other cleaning chemicals, making it a trustworthy product for farmers.




About Hontech-Wins

Hontech-Wins has focused on designing, developing, and improving LED poultry lighting for ten years. The company has been committed to providing customers with a range of poultry lighting equipment and lighting systems and promoting the high-quality development of the aquaculture industry with high-quality products. Currently, Hontech-Wins has been awarded several national invention patents and utility model patents.


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