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Why Choose LED Poultry Lighting Rather Than Incandescent Lamps in Poultry Farms?


Why Choose LED Poultry Lighting Rather Than Incandescent Lamps in Poultry Farms?


Proper lighting is crucial in any poultry farm. In recent years, LED lighting has become a viable alternative to incandescent lamps as it has a greater positive impact on poultry. Many poultry farmers already know about the benefits of LED poultry lighting. However, there needs to be more clarity about why LED lights for laying hens are better choices when compared with incandescent lamps. This article aims to clear these confusions by listing the advantages that LED poultry lighting has over incandescent light sources.

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Reasons to Choose LED Poultry Lighting Instead of Incandescent Lamps

Modern lighting is crucial for poultry farming. Traditional technologies like incandescent lamps cannot meet the demand for cost-effective farming to yield better results. That’s why LED poultry lighting has become so popular.


LED lighting for chickens is more energy efficient, lasts longer, and has various positive benefits for poultry that incandescent lamps cannot offer. Here are the top reasons why farmers prefer to choose LED poultry lighting rather than incandescent lamps:


1. Save Energy and Bill

Compared to incandescent light sources, LED lights for laying hens are more energy efficient. On average, they consume at least 5 times less energy than incandescent lamps for the same brightness level. This means by switching to LED poultry lighting on the farm, farmers can expect to see a significant reduction in energy bills.


2. Huge Benefits for Poultry

As opposed to incandescent lighting, LED lighting offers many key benefits for poultry. For instance, it helps the chickens remain calm because LED lighting is flicker-free. Furthermore, LED poultry lighting allows farmers to choose the light color for optimal behavior. Last but not least, LED poultry lighting improves poultry performance, especially compared to incandescent lamps. In addition, it leads to better feed conversion, mood, and overall yields.


3. Controllable

LED lights for laying hens offer farmers more control over key aspects that affect the mood and performance of poultry by adjusting the color, intensity, duration length of the light, etc. LED lighting with programmable dimmers allows farmers to take advantage of automatic scheduling for hassle-free light optimization in poultry farms.

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4. Decrease the Total Operation Cost

Not only is LED poultry lighting eco-friendly, but it is also very cost-effective in the long run. Because of its enhanced omnidirectional reach and uniform distribution, replacing incandescent lamps with LED lights for laying hens is an economical choice. Not to mention the operating cost will be lower as well. In addition, LED poultry lighting can be intelligently adjusted during use to achieve the light desired by the poultry to improve their performance and welfare, thereby decreasing operating costs in the long run. And LED lighting can provide a return on investment within a few months.


Find Dimmable LED Poultry Lighting to Increase Yields

From the above-listed reasons and benefits, it is clear that investing in LED poultry lighting is a smart decision for farmers. Modern LED lights for laying hens are the best solution for poultry farmers. For the best results, you should invest in LED lighting with a programmable dimmer. At Hontech-Wins, we offer these products that you can trust.


Established in 2009, Hontech-Wins has been an industry leader in agricultural lighting solutions. To satisfy the growing needs of consumers in the farming industry, we strive to manufacture and supply state-of-the-art, energy-saving, certified, and cost-effective LED lighting products. For poultry farmers looking for dimmable LED lights for laying hens, our iDimmer 3000W 3L Programmable Dimmer is a perfect choice. It has the following key characteristics:

ü Programmable brightness control with both automatic and manual options

ü DIY lighting program setting compatible

ü Smooth 0%-100% dimming with zero flickering

ü 24/7 lighting program control with up to 999 days of scheduling capability

ü Up to 98% efficiency

ü Auto-self setting

ü Anti 6KV lightning surge

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Our LED poultry lighting products improve the welfare of chickens by helping farmers provide an optimal environment where the stressful behavior of both layers and broilers decreases significantly. In this way, we contribute towards more efficient poultry farm management with lower mortality and better feed conversion. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative agricultural lighting solutions.