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Is Poultry Lighting Vital to Chickens? What Factors Will Affect Egg Production?


It is acknowledged that poultry farming is a special business that requires certain actions to improve poultry performance, taking chickens as an example. In order to obtain high egg production, which can increase profit, farmers are searching for innovative ways and paying attention to potential factors that will affect egg production. 


However, the catch here that is often regarded as a troublemaker is the factor of natural daylight that sadly leaves the farmers in circumstances that seem beyond control. Gladly, the credible poultry lighting products in the market help farmers realize that lighting is adjustable. And there are still several other factors in improving stability and premium quality egg production, so scroll down to get something more. 



Top 3 Essential Factors that Can Affect Egg Production in Chickens

Countless noteworthy factors can affect the healthy egg production cycle of layering hens. Among them all, the three factors that give the hardest time to traditional poultry farmers are highlighted below:


1. Lighting

One of the prime factors in the production cycle of chickens is the sufficient perception of sunlight at particular intervals. The profound significance of poultry lighting holds power to determine the fate of the egg production process. 


Whether it’s the wavelength intensity of the light, its color variations, or even duration, every precise detail and different attribute of poultry lighting requirements of layering birds leaves a strong impact on the chicken’s psychological and physiological behavior. 


For instance, once the poultry’s brain percept light through the photoreceptors, it triggers a series of hormone actions that result in early egg production, pregnancy possibilities, yolk development, shell formation, and so on. With all these ongoing events of egg production, hens are found to be more productive when exposed to the lights of higher wavelengths for an extended period. That’s why poultry lighting specialists recommend that hens use dimmable LED lighting devices to optimize egg production.


With the latest technology, LED poultry lighting shines in enhancing the performance of hens. Out of all the remarkable features and functions of cutting-edge poultry lighting systems, the most fantastic product is dimmable LED lighting, which can deliver the following merits:

1. Increase the size and enhance the egg production capacity in layers.

2. Achieve continuous egg production throughout the year.

3. Perfectly adjust the intensity, color, and duration of the poultry lighting equipment.

4. Treat the hens with evenly with distributed poultry lighting.

5. LED poultry lighting reduces electricity costs significantly.


2. Nutrition

Low nutritional intake in laying chickens can slow down the egg development and overall quality of the production. Prominently, the nutritious and balanced dietary elements an egg-laying hen should consume are appropriate amounts of protein and calcium to maintain high energy levels. In addition, extra nutritional ingredients like sodium and vitamin D contribute to the egg-laying cycle. 


3. Age

Last but not least, the undeniable and crucial factor is aging. As the hens begin to age, the probability of producing eggs decreases with every passing day. From the onset, hens mature quickly at 18 to 22 weeks old, and egg production reaches its peak capacity of over 90% during the first eight weeks. And after producing eggs for almost a year, the chance of laying quality eggs with the same capacity drops to only 65%.


Therefore, it is wise to pick out hens of suitable age to produce good quality eggs with total capacity and variations in size, color, and degree of egg production.  


Hontech-Wins: A Reliable Poultry Lighting Supplier 

After going through the top 3 factors that can affect the egg production cycle in hens, it was discovered that the fact of aging couldn’t be halted or decreased. However, the poultry lighting mechanism can be modified with advanced technology while closely monitoring the feeding behaviors of hens for proper nutritional healthcare assurance. 


Thus, a wise move here would be to find a reliable LED poultry lighting system that can easily manage every feature of the poultry lighting aspect to perfection and according to your needs. And Hontech-Wins is ready to help. 



Hontech-Wins is a leading pioneer in providing types of poultry lighting and agricultural lighting products. As a professional poultry lighting supplier, We are constantly dedicated to providing easy-to-use poultry lighting systems to our customers. For instance, our dimmable LED lighting systems can successfully adjust the desirable light to improve the overall performance of hens, thereby helping farmers get more income. For more information about our poultry lighting systems, don’t hesitate to contact our team.