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4 Facts of Pig Lighting in Pig Houses: Things You Should Know


Pig lighting is a crucial factor that heavily influences the physiological changes in pigs and impacts overall production. Nowadays, the benefits of swine lighting are becoming more and more evident. For instance, lighting significantly affects pigs, and optimally using it can lead to increased production and yields for farmers. Because of this, more farmers are looking to educate themselves about utilizing this environmental factor to ensure better results. This article aims to show you some facts about pig lighting so that you can make a wise buying decision.

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Facts About Pig Lighting that Farmers Should Know

To understand how to optimize the lighting in a pig house, it is important to learn its key facts in detail. Here are some of the pig lighting facts that farmers must know:


1. Pigs Don't See the World as Clearly as Us

Unlike humans with trichromatic vision (three pigment cones), pigs have dichromatic vision (two pigment cones). Fewer cones for creating colors means their view of the world is not as rich as ours. Apart from this, pigs also prioritize their lateral monocular vision, increasing their panoramic vision and greater capacity for detecting food, possible danger, other pigs, etc. However, simultaneously, it decreases their bifocal vision, which is more difficult to calculate distances. 

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2. Pigs Can See Many Colors from Pig Lighting

Even though pigs have dichromatic vision, they can still differentiate colors. They primarily see red, blue, and green wavelengths. Apart from this, pigs tend to see objects as a solid color and can't see gradations of color. Since pigs can act differently with pig lighting, people are aware of swine lighting is becoming indispensable. And what the following are some main actions of pigs with the use of pig lighting:

ü A bright light over feeders will encourage pigs to eat more and increase their rate of gain.

ü Adjusting pig lighting can ease pigs' sleep and awake while not creating anxiety.

ü Shining a proper light in front of pigs, instead of shining in their eyes, will guide them to move much more quickly.


3. Pigs Can't See in the Dark

Many animals have reflective surfaces behind their retina, but pigs do not. This reflective surface is important because it lets pigs see well in the dark. But since pigs don't have it, their vision in the dark is quite poor. As a result, they are sensitive to shadows and perceive them as actual objects or even potential threats.


4. Pig Lighting Enhances Pigs' Performance

As aforementioned, pigs will have different behaviors with pig lighting. Besides, pig lighting has many advantages, including enhancing pigs' performance. Optimal lighting helps the pigs become well-adjusted to their surroundings in the pig house. This improves their energy levels and makes them feel at ease. When their mood is better, they are more likely to perform better.

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Choose Your Pig Lighting Now

From these key facts, it is easy to see why installing and setting up proper pig lighting is crucial in a pig house. Pig lighting is one of the best ways to improve pigs' performance, making them feel less anxious, more at ease, and well-adjusted to their surroundings. Because of these benefits, more and more swine lighting products are being introduced in the market. For the best results, it is highly recommended that you choose a reliable LED light supplier like Hontech-Wins.


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