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Hontech-Wins Brings Exclusive Agricultural Lighting to Attend EuroTie


Hontech-Wins Brings Exclusive Agricultural Lighting to Attend EuroTier

As one of the most professional and experienced suppliers of agricultural lighting, Hontech-Wins is responsible for distributing high-performance and high-quality agricultural lighting products, including LED poultry lighting.
To fulfill this responsibility, we brought exclusive LED agricultural lighting to attend EuroTier, the world's leading trade fair for professional livestock management and animal farming.

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Being a leading pioneer in the agricultural lighting industry, we overcame all difficulties faced by the Coronavirus to participate in this amazing exhibition with our innovative product showcase in Hall 17, booth D37, from November 15th to 18th.


About EuroTier

EuroTier is one of the leading exhibitions for livestock management and animal farming equipment. It is an excellent platform that invites top-tier brands, manufacturers, and suppliers of the industry to present and showcase their innovations and solutions, especially for poultry. In addition, thousands of exhibitors from numerous countries worldwide participate in the exhibition, making it a wonderful platform for them to communicate and find potential customers.


What Hontech-Wins Showcased at EuroTier?

Being a professional agricultural lighting supplier in the industry, we had been preparing for the exhibition for several months. We wanted to showcase our innovative products at the event and guide audiences to experience our quality solutions. Our major showcases in the event included the following:


1. Advanced Agricultural Lighting Products

Our top product showcases at the EuroTier exhibition attracted a lot of audience. Our advanced agricultural lighting products, e.g., 48Vdc LED poultry lighting and LED light for chickens, made us a beloved exhibitor at the event. Some of the top characteristics of these products include:

- Flicker-free dimmable driver and lighting

- Excellent performance with high efficiency

- Universal AC input supporting full voltage range

- IP67 rating, suitable for any environment

- Long lifetime

- Waterproof and resistant to ammonia gas and cleaning chemicals

- Benefits for poultry growth and productions


In addition to our innovative poultry lighting, we showcased our dairy lighting, pig lighting, and mushroom growing lighting products, as well as our technological solutions in the breeders, broilers, and layers categories.

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2. Professional Sales Team and Services

Apart from our top agricultural lighting products, we also guided audiences with our professional sales team and services. For instance, we offered detailed product explanations to every visitor who wants to boost their business and guided them to experience our products to check whether they are easy to operate. And these particular services were heavily favored by the receiving audience at the event, making our booth popular. 

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At the event, we were delighted to meet many potential clients with distinctive goals and requirements. Through friendly communication with visitors interested in our products, we gained much appreciation and established plenty of cooperation with different people.


About Hontech-Wins

Hontech-Wins is a leading LED dimmer manufacturer and poultry lighting supplier with years of experience and expertise in the industry. Thanks to our solid software and hardware R&D strength and specialization in advanced agricultural lighting, we have become one of the premier companies capable of meeting the stringent demands of businesses and customers in the poultry lighting and agricultural farming industry.


Our management and technical team's core members are highly professional with years of experience in the industry. With our abundant resources and experience, we excel at product research and solutions development, allowing us to expertly combine customer experience and product innovation.

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Overall, our participation in EuroTier was a success, and we were glad to be a part of this amazing event to display our innovation and strengths at booth D37. Feel free to contact us to learn more about products and solutions.