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3 Acclaimed Dimmable Agricultural Lighting You Should Know


Agricultural lighting has been gaining traction in recent years, particularly with the development and advancement of new technologies related to smart farming and agriculture. In this situation, the agricultural lighting market, especially dimmable LED lights, is expected to grow tremendously.


Many key reasons that stimulate farmers to use dimmable agricultural lighting. A significant benefit of using them is that they can help increase overall yield. With the help of dimmable agricultural lighting, farmers can increase meat weight and egg production, increasing profits. Therefore, the wide use of agricultural lighting solutions makes them popular worldwide. And this article will guide you to figure out the application of these dimmable agricultural lighting and introduce the 3 best ones.


Applications of Dimmable Agricultural Lighting

A major advantage of agricultural lighting is that you can customize it to suit different purposes. Because of this, it has a wide range of applications, which include:

ü Some flicker-free LED lights are made particularly for improving broiler production.

ü Some LED light suppliers can provide agricultural lighting that is more suitable for increasing egg production.

ü Dimmable agricultural lighting has a very positive impact on livestock. For example, hens produce high quality and quantity of eggs that have been proven to develop at a relatively faster rate with dimmable agricultural lighting.

ü Dimmable agricultural lighting can also promote the growth of animals, such as cows, dairy, and pigs. In addition, animals' productivity, welfare, fertility, and health improve greatly with proper lighting.

All in all, dimmable agricultural lighting is proven to shorten livestock and agriculture's growth and maturity period, enhance immunity, increase production, promote growth, and more. Therefore, farmers should choose a suitable lighting solution that meets their needs.


3 Best Dimmable LED Agricultural Lighting You Should Know

The use of dimmable LED lights in agricultural applications has proven effective and productive. Because of their increased popularity, LED light suppliers are introducing better and more advanced products in the market. Among the many such products available, the following are 3 lighting solutions that are acclaimed worldwide:


1. IP67 Dimmable Flicker Free LED Bulbs

This particular product has many key advantages. Thanks to their outstanding performance and design, IP67 Dimmable Flicker Free LED Bulbs offer impressive efficiency, and their high protection rating makes them become durable solutions for humid and dusty environments.


These flicker-free LED bulbs are a sustainable investment because of reduced maintenance costs and low energy consumption. They can be used in any indoor agricultural and farming environment. In addition, they are particularly an ideal solution for flooring chicken houses, cage chicken houses, broiler layer rearing, and production house.


2. IP67 T-14L LED Mushroom Light

This is another popular LED light that, as the name suggests, is designed to facilitate mushroom growing. Mushroom houses are extremely damp, and the requirement is strict. Therefore they require a reliable lighting solution.


IP67 T-14L LED Mushroom Light is recommended to be applied in different mushroom houses thanks to its high IP rating and long operation periods. For instance, it can withstand various external factors to help you fulfill growing mushroom tasks. Moreover, it is a highly efficient, long-lasting lighting solution that fully meets the mushroom house requirements.


3. T12 Pig Farm Lighting

T12 Pig Farm Lighting is an excellent innovation for farm lighting. It offers 180° of light coverage, making it ideal for a pig farm as it eliminates dark areas or shadows and provides uniform lighting to facilitate healthy animal development. Its full dimming capability meets the pig development needs, and its high IP rating means it has solid protection against water, dust, and humidity. All in all, it is an excellent retrofit solution for modern pig farms and poultry systems.


Know More about Hontech-Wins

Dimmable agricultural LED lighting is undoubtedly the most beneficial lighting option currently available on farms. To ensure the best results, you must choose a reputed brand that offers these high-performance LED poultry lighting and other products. In this condition, Hontech-Wins is a recommended choice as it is an excellent manufacturer of agricultural lighting solutions.


At Hontech-Wins, we have been offering these profitable agricultural lighting solutions for many years. We are one of the largest agricultural lighting distributors in the world. For instance, we are aware that having proper lighting conditions is crucial to the safety, productivity, and running costs of the farming environment. Therefore, our products are designed to make a better life for animal husbandry, and we also offer technical support for customer projects.


Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about the benefits of dimmable agricultural lighting and the solutions we offer.