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LED Light for Chickens: The Best Color You Should Know


Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of poultry production. When it comes to poultry production, it is true that chickens perceive light differently, and setting up a LED light to simulate nature is essential. In addition, factors such as light distribution, intensity, and color play a major role in providing the perfect conditions. Because of this, more LED products with various color and intensity options are being introduced in the market to satisfy the needs of breeding chickens.


Unfortunately, many poultry farmers are unfamiliar with the LED light for chickens. So, raising awareness about the benefits of proper lighting in the poultry sector is necessary. With the proper setup, the right LED light for chickens could positively affect productivity and total operation cost. So keep on reading to get more.
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Importance of LED Light Color for Poultry

Poultry perceives light in a different way than we humans do. When lighting looks just fine for us, it can be far from that for poultry. That is to say, poultry's visible spectrum and spectral sensitivity, or what they see, is quite different from humans. That's why chickens may behave differently under different intensities and LED light colors. 


Different LED light colors that chickens can see can improve poultry performances, productivity, and welfare in multiple ways. For example, using the right LED light for chickens makes them vibrant and enhances their productivity, thereby reducing operating costs and improving your income.


Top 3 Best LED Light Colors for Poultry

LED light color is an important factor in creating a good environment for poultry and ensuring high production levels. However, one important question many farmers ask is what color light is best for chickens. There are three primary color light options that chicken like the best. These include the following:


1.        Red Light

Red, available from 2,700K to 6,500K, is one of the most popular LED lights for laying hens. Many poultry farmers pay attention to letting their poultry get enough red light, which can be obtained from an adjustable LED light for chickens. The following are some main benefits brought by red light:


ü  Red light is essential for laying chickens since it stimulates egg production and sexual maturity.

ü  Poultry exposed to red light can consistently have higher egg production than other light color options.

ü  Exposure to red light can also potentially decrease the food consumption of poultry by up to 20%.

ü  Red light can help keep the poultry calm during the winter months. Installing the LED light for chickens which can adjust the red light in the poultry farm, results in less pecking and bickering within the group.

ü  Red light can produce a higher and greater egg yolk percentage.
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2.        Green Light

Green light, a short wavelength, is another indispensable option for poultry lighting. It is of high intensity and very bright, making them one of the most important lights for chickens. In addition, the green light brings various benefits to poultry, which include:

ü  Green light increases poultry's growth rate at an early age.

ü  It enhances the proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells.

ü  Getting enough green light per day can further stimulate poultry growth.

ü  Exposing to green light can improve performance and growth in chickens.

ü  Chickens love bright and cheery colors, such as green light.

ü  Green light can also be used to keep the poultry calm. 

ü  Green light reduces energy costs and pecking damage without compromising the welfare of the poultry.


3.        Blue Light

A quality LED light for chickens should regulate blue light, which is available from 2,700K to 6,500K. This is one of the most favorable colors chickens like, which is advantageous for their overall growth and production. Here are the key benefits of using blue light in poultry farms:

ü  Poultry raised in blue light can have significantly higher body weight.

ü  Blue light increases chicken growth at a later age.

ü  It keeps the poultry calmer and leads to improved feed conversion.

ü  Blue light is particularly liked by broilers and keeps them calmer compared to other light colors.

ü  The combination of blue and green light prompts myofiber growth, effectively stimulating testosterone secretion.



As aforementioned, the productive cycles of chickens are triggered by light-dark cycles, making light regulation crucial for chickens. Therefore, choosing an adjustable LED light for chickens is important because it benefits poultry growth, health, and production. However, only a reliable poultry LED light supplier will help you ensure that you fully take advantage of these benefits. Hontech-Wins is an LED light manufacturer aiming to improve your poultry's life.


As a premier LED light supplier, we have years of experience, R&D strength, management, and technical resources to satisfy the needs of poultry farmers. No matter what your preferred choice for poultry LED light color is, you can rely on Hontech-Wins to provide you with the best solution. In addition, we specialize in offering high-quality LED light for chickens with a variety of color options to satisfy the demands of our clients.
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Our lighting solutions help our clients ensure that the lighting remains optimum in the farm and leads to increased productivity and yield and overall low maintenance cost. Therefore, contact us to learn how we can deliver the best lighting solution you need.