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Why do poultry increasingly need a LED Color Switchable light?


Why do poultry increasingly need a LED Color Switchable light, especially for broilers?


On the one side, it is the customer's cost budge, and the other is the requirements of poultry welfare on lamps. An LED light has two colors, three or even four. The most advantage is that this  LED light can not only save costs, but maximize the efficiency of farming breeding, and at the same time it simplify the daily management.


For example, blue color and white color are used for broilers. Switching to Blue color when farmers doing work inside, makes the chickens peaceful but not stimulation. In addition, blue color can also reduce the effects of Heat Stress on poultry, especially in summer, it regulates poultry's temperature during Heat Stress. A research results suggest that Cobb 500 have a better response to blue light than Ross 308.


Due to the particularity of the poultry farm environment, LED lights are also required to be waterproof, dimmable, corrosion resistance, and safety.


This makes Hontech-Wins LED Color Switchable Tube Light come into being. Its unique designing suites the needs both for customers and poultry welfare.


Lets see the the Hontech premium Color Switchable Tube Light Together!