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6 Major Benefits of Poultry LED Lighting


Light plays an important role in poultry production as it can affect poultry's immune function, growth rate, and reproductive hormones. As a result, market demand for stable and high-quality poultry lighting is rising.


A study in the Journal of Applied Poultry Research claims that poultry raised with LED lighting systems can produce more eggs and mature faster. In addition, the poultry raised under LED lighting is healthier than those raised under CFL. Therefore, the use of LED lighting will be of great benefit to poultry production.


This article will mainly introduce the benefits of LED lighting for poultry farming and the high-quality Hontech-wins product. Follow up and keep reading. 

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Advantages of LED Bulbs Compared to Incandescent Bulbs

Compared with traditional light sources, such as CFL bulbs, LED lighting is more energy-saving with high efficiency. It has a longer service life and is adaptable to a harsher environment. In addition, the LED lighting system is more affordable than other kinds of systems when the entire lighting system needs to be replaced.


Major Benefits of Poultry LED Lighting

1. Lower Lighting Costs

LED lights are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than current CFL or cold cathode lighting systems. LED lighting can save about 80-85% of electricity bills compared to incandescent bulbs. Consumer Reports demonstrate that LED bulbs usually can last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours, about five times longer than any other bulb on the market. Therefore, they cost less in the long run.


2. Increase Poultry's Weight

Lighting has proven to be a key factor in poultry health. LED lights produce white light by combining blue LEDs with red and green phosphors. Therefore, the spectrum produced by the LED lighting is continuous and is rich in blues and greens with diminished red. In addition, LED lighting enables color conversion and control. It fully meets the spectral needs of poultry, which can reasonably adjust poultry's circadian rhythm to promote its growth and weight gain.


3. Improve Uniformity and Feed Conversion

LED lights with dimmers can switch different colors of light. The blue light can calm the domestic birds and reduce conflict with each other. On the other hand, the enhanced red light activates poultry movement, which increases their food intake and regulates their rest. In addition, the LED light improved flock uniformity and fed conversion by approximately 4%.


4. Control Reproduction Cycles

The LED lighting mimics natural sunlight, and dark red lighting can shorten the time of peak production by stimulating ovulation. The dimming mode eliminates the intense light stress caused by suddenly turning the lights on and off. In this way, LED lighting reduces poultry mortality and improves their immune response. It helps control the poultry's reproduction cycles, making them healthier.


5. Promote Quicker Maturation

Studies have shown that the red spectrum helps maintain a steady circadian rhythm and promotes the release of reproductive-stimulating hormones in poultry to promote sexual maturation. Therefore, LED lighting can promote faster maturation of the poultry.


6. Provide a More Comfortable Environment for Feeding

LED lights provide a comfortable feeding environment, keeping the feeding shed orderly. It attracts the poultry to feeders by producing specific wavelengths of light. Therefore, the poultry can get the feed evenly.


LED Poultry Light from Hontech-wins  

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After in-depth research and high-standard testing, Hontech-wins has launched a high-quality LED lighting - IP67 T8 LED poultry light. It has a wide range of applications, including broiler, layer, rearing house, and production house. The following are the main features and advantages of the IP67 T8 LED poultry light:

1. Gain IP67 CE ROHS Certificate

2. Omnidirectional projection with a 180°beam angle

3. High output efficiency: 110-120lm/W

4. Optional types: single color from 2700-6500K or two colors switchable


Why choose Hontech-wins as Your Supplier

Established in 2009, Hontech-wins has developed into a professional poultry lighting manufacturer integrating production, R&D, and sales. The company is committed to providing the best poultry lighting system for customers based on the research of chickens' characteristics and field visits to farms worldwide.


In addition, Hontech-wins has strong R&D capabilities on hardware and software. The company has gained wide recognition in the industry and has obtained PSE, ETL, CE, and other certifications. Moreover, the core members of the company's management team have more than ten years of industry experience.


If you are looking for a professional and reliable poultry business supplier, feel free to contact us!