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Factors of Lighting in Broiler Production


Factors of Lighting in Broiler Production


Light greatly impacts all aspects of broilers, including body temperature, feed intake, metabolism, digestion, etc. In addition, light controls the intensity of different hormones, affecting broilers' growth, reproduction, and maturation.


High-quality light can promote the broilers' healthy growth, contributing to a more reasonable growth cycle. Therefore, the market demand for stable and high-quality programmable dimmers is rising.


This article will mainly introduce the different lighting factors that affect broilers' growth and the requirements of an excellent poultry lighting system. Follow up and keep reading.

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Different Factors of Light that Affect the Broiler's Growth

● Source of Light

Different light sources produce different effects on poultry production. For example, LED lights are considered novel monochromatic lighting, which can promote the healthy growth of broilers. Studies have shown that the body weight, feed conversion ratio, and mortality remain normal when reared under ICD or LED lights. On the contrary, broilers reared under CFL lights turn out lighter in weight and have a higher heterophile to lymphocyte ratio.


In addition, using LED lights during incubation can improve the hatching rate and chick quality, reducing broilers' stress sensitivity. In addition, lymphocyte proliferation and macrophage activation indicate that LED lighting has improved broilers' immunity.


● Light Intensity

Light intensity affects the broiler's immunity and physical exercises. In general, it's more conducive to broilers' growth if the light intensity maintains 10 to 20 lx and above, and 5 lx light is the minimum.

Brighter light helps to increase the exercise time, thereby making broilers more robust and healthy compared to dark light.


On the other hand, research shows that chicks prefer bright light. In the first week after broilers hatching, adopting continuous light at 20 lx can ensure that broilers better get used to the environment. Then, you can gradually dim the light for the following period.


Therefore, broiler breeders often adopt advanced light control systems to appropriately strengthen the light to extend exercise time, thereby reducing bone diseases.


● Light Duration

Studies have shown that broilers grow better in an environment with suitable continuous lights. During the embryo of broilers, providing broilers with 12 L:12 D chiaroscuro rhythms can reduce the fear of the flock in the long term and strengthen broilers legs. However, 24 L is detrimental to the embryo's bone development.


Therefore, a day and night incubation lighting schedule is critical to the health of broilers' legs. Providing 12 hours of lighting per day during embryonic development may nurture broilers. On the other hand, in the later incubation period, broilers raised on a 16 L: 8 D have a better physique due to more uninterrupted rest time.


Based on the above content, a 16 L:8 D light duration is recommended for broiler production. But remember to adjust the light duration according to seasonal changes and different types of houses.


● Color

Lights with various wavelengths produce different stimulation on broilers' tissue layers, thereby affecting the activity and growth of broilers. On the other hand, spectral distribution and sensitivity to light color are subject to the broiler's age. Short wavelengths, such as blue and green light during the cubs, can promote rapid development. Later in maturity, long wavelengths such as orange and red light can accelerate sexual maturation.


Broilers under blue and green light were heavier than in red or white light areas, showing that green and blue light can stimulate the growth of broilers.


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