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Why is LED Dimmer Controller Vital to Agricultural Lighting?


Why is LED Dimmer Controller Vital to Agricultural Lighting?

The continuous development of science and technology has witnessed farmers lean more towards the advanced technology of LED poultry lighting systems to make the most of their money and efforts, thereby getting more outputs. 


And among all the innovative lighting products, the LED dimmer controller is clearly distinguished from all the different lighting solutions available on the market. So let's dig more into this dimmable light controller product and figure out which works the best for you. So, here we proceed.



What is an LED Dimmer Controller?

An LED dimmer controller is a technical device that enables the poultry lighting farmers to adjust a precise amount of lighting effects and achieve an ideal poultry environment. It can detect the slightest change in the power flow and help you deal with complicated occasions where dimmable lighting is essential for poultry. 


Apart from that, the LED dimmer controller consumes less energy and also reduces the relative power efficiency, achieving cost-saving and energy-saving in contrast to ordinary on and off light controllers. 


ü Can Farmers Put the Dimmer Controller into Their Equipment Control Cabinet?

Though farmers are aware of LED dimmer controllers' significant roles in adjusting light, there is one puzzle they want to figure out. For example, the most frequently asked question about the advanced LED dimmer controller is whether the farmers can put the dimmer controller into their equipment control cabinet? 


It is a common problem farmers have to face whenever new electric equipment is added to the poultry lighting system for further upgrading. For most products in the market, it's hard to put them in the control cabinet. However, Hontech-Wins' new arrival LED dimmer controller stands out from the rest since it fits into the equipment control cabinet and prolongs the lamp's lifetime with the LED poultry lighting system.


Newly Launched LED Dimmer Controller: What You Need to Know

Hontech-Wins has introduced a newly launched product: the LED dimmer controller with a 1500W 230Vac power output within a single LED dimmer. Not only that, but it also incorporates a guide rail type simplest control system, along with the following valuable features and traits:


ü Easy to Install 

The most significant advantage of our new arrival LED dimmer controller is its quick and easy installation process. A properly and easily installed LED dimmer controller can add great value to your poultry lighting system and make your business much easier. 


It only occupies a tiny space and can perfectly slot into the equipment control cabinet for regular power circuit switches. This dimmable light controller has a guide rail type system that can be effortlessly installed according to your front and rear bar cabinet distance specifications.


Note: Always keep in mind to turn off the power system before beginning the installation of the LED dimmer controller; otherwise, the results could be hazardous.


ü Modular Use 

Next up is the module function of the dimmable light controller. Needless to say, the LED modules are suitable for a variety of applications, especially for your poultry lighting system. And our new arrival offers each LED dimmer controller with a 1500W power capacity. However, if your poultry lighting system runs on a higher power voltage, you can add one or more dimmable light controller devices and get on with it at full throttle.


ü Dimmable and Flicker-Free

Unlike the traditional incandescence light outputs that can't be adjusted according to the current physiological changes, an LED dimmer controller can grant all your wishes in this category. With these dimmable light controller devices, your poultry can get adequate light and whatever light intensity they need. 


And the best part is that you don't even have to tolerate the flickering of the poultry lighting system, which creates a sense of stress in the poultry and disturbs the farming process. The new LED dimmer controller is engineered to fix both of these problems efficiently. 


ü Support for RS458 and 0-10V

Here comes the perfect LED dimmer controller unit with an outstanding compatibility range to support RS458 and 0-10V. It can work seamlessly with a manual serial port of R458 as a constant current output source module and 0-10V of the simplest control system for dimming light functions without hassle.


One-Stop Solution for All Your LED Poultry Lighting Problems

After looking into the innovative features of the Hontech-Wins' newly launched product and the benefits our product can provide you, it's time to further dig into the Hontech-Wins and the utmost proficiency we possess in the industry. 


We are well-equipped with a qualified team of engineers with 16 years of superior experience in the LED lighting industry. We offer a customized plan for your LED dimmer controller or any other LED poultry lighting products that will comprehensively cover your unique lighting project needs. For any inquiries about us, please contact us immediately.