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Choosing the Right Pig Lighting System: Tips and Recommendations from Hontech-Wins


Choosing the Right Pig Lighting System:

Tips and Recommendations from Hontech-Wins


Pig farming has grown significantly over the past decades, serving large communities that include meat in their diets. About 784.16 million pigs are currently being bred around the world, with China currently leading the market. Pig meat does have benefits, as it's rich in protein, B vitamins, selenium, and more. When it comes to raising healthy pigs that will get high-quality meat onto the market, you have to use the right lighting system. This post takes a closer look at how you can pick the perfect LED pig barn lights system for your pig house.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Pig Lighting



You have to keep a few things in mind when you decide to buy LED pig barn lights. Here are some of the most important things that you should not overlook:


● Color temperature: The color temperature is important too. Carefully consider the needs of your pig house then choose a color temperature that is appropriate.

● Dimming capabilities: You need to have control not only over the power state of the lights, but also their brightness. This means you should look at a pig lighting system that can be dimmed.

● Energy efficiency: Take note of how much power the lights use, as this will contribute to the electricity bill that you’ll need to pay by the end of the month. LED pig barn lights are more power efficient compared to more traditional options.

● Maintenance requirements: Make sure you also consider how much maintenance you require when you buy LED pig barn lights. Higher maintenance needs can be costly in the long run.

● Water and dust resistance: The lights will be exposed to factors like dust and possibly even water in the pig house. Thus, try to find a solution that offers efficient resistance against these factors.


Recommendations for Hontech-Wins Pig Lighting



Hontech-Wins have a number of LED pig barn lights that you are able to choose from. Some of the best solutions include the T12 and the T8 lighting systems. They are flicker-free and dimmable, with a dim setting that can range from 0% up to 100%. You also get cabling with the lighting, and the bulb has a lifetime of over 50,000 hours.


How to Install Pig Lighting System



There are a couple of steps you’ll need to take when it comes to the installation of LED pig barn lights. First of all, consider the environment and the overall design of the pig house. Note if there are any special requirements - such as the need for waterproof pig barn lighting. Plan things out before you start with the installation, as this would ensure you do not run into obstacles during the process.


It’s important to ensure you take the right steps and have all of the required hardware and parts on hand. This can streamline the process and ensure you can avoid problems with compatibility or the need to go to the hardware store to pick up essentials.


Once the system is installed, be sure to test it thoroughly. As you use the lighting system, don’t forget the important role of regular maintenance to ensure the LED pig barn lights will last for a long time.



The use of LED pig barn lights can yield numerous benefits for your agricultural business, from improving meat output and quality, to growing the numbers in less time. When it comes to choosing an LED lighting system, picking the right supplier is critical. Hontech-Wins have years of experience in developing customized and specialized LED pig barn lights. Reach out to learn more and discuss your pigsty lighting requirements with the experts at Hontech-Wins.