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How Lighting Impacts Pig Behavior and Growth: The Science Behind It


How Lighting Impacts Pig Behavior and Growth:

The Science Behind It


Farming with pigs is profitable, but only if your operation is efficient and well-planned. There’s a couple of things that you need to take into consideration when setting up the pigsty - and specialized agricultural lighting is often something that people overlook. There are many benefits to expect, which we will take a closer look at throughout this article. We’ll also look at the use of the LED lighting solution options that are available from Hontech-Wins and how they have helped other farmers in the past.


The Science Behind Pig Lighting



While some may prefer the use of natural lighting from the sun, there are certain benefits you can expect when you turn to pig farm lighting options. Exposure to light affects the sleep-wake cycle of pigs, but with lighting that you control, you’ll have a much easier time to regulate when they eat, sleep, and are awake.


There are many biological processes that are affected when you have full control over the pig lighting. For example, it’s possible to alter certain hormones in the pig’s body with some lighting strategies. Additionally, you’ll also find that the lights help to significantly improve reproductive health among the pigs - something that plays a really important role when it comes to thriving as a pig farmer. The more productive the pigs are, the faster your inventory will grow.


Apart from these factors, understanding the science behind pig farm lighting also gives you the ability to use these solutions to your advantage - and with the right strategy in place, you may see a significant reduction in morbidity among your livestock. The less pigs that die from various causes, the more meat you’ll be able to bring to the market - ultimately contributing to the success of your company.


Pig Lighting Solutions Offered by Hontech-Wins



Hontech-Wins understand that it’s important to provide pigs with adequate lighting while they are in a pigsty. The company creates customized solutions based on the design of your pigsty, which helps to ensure you get the exact level of coverage you need to properly care for your pigs. The customization is one of the many things that set Hontech-Wins apart from so many other solution providers that are on the market. Furthermore, by taking advantage of LED bulbs, Hontech-Wins pig farm lighting options are able to significantly reduce the amount of power you use to keep lights on in the pigsty. These systems are designed to help improve the overall welfare of pigs - healthy pigs make for higher quality meat that drives more profit for the business in the end.


Case Studies

Hontech-Wins have helped numerous agricultural businesses set up pig farm lighting systems and they have all been satisfied with the results. Here are a few testimonials and case studies from previous clients:


“Hontech-Wins created a customized pig farm lighting system due to the unique shape of the pigsty. The solution worked perfectly, and the sale made after the lights were installed was significantly higher due to better quality meat.”


“My current pig farm lighting system was pulling too much power. We’ve had Hontech-Wins look at the solution and come up with a new lighting system that’s now using 34% less power compared to the old one! That’s a huge saving on our end.”



Pig lighting can assist with improved behavior and feeding, while also aiding in improving physique. These are benefits that can pay off in the long run, as you’ll be able to bring better quality meat to the market. To learn more about pig farm lighting from Hontech-Wins, reach out to talk to one of their experts. They are standing by and ready to develop a customized program for your agricultural needs.