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How Hontech-Wins Lighting Solutions Are Enhancing Agriculture Productivity


How Hontech-Wins Lighting Solutions Are

Enhancing Agriculture Productivity

There are many systems that work together in agriculture - and when they are all efficient, there’s no need to worry about problems with your crops. Lighting is one of these essential factors that you’ll need to carefully plan out and implement to ensure your lifestyle and plants grow healthily and produce great quality products. Hontech-Wins barn lighting solutions give you the perfect opportunity to improve your operation and get better produce. We’ll take a closer look at how these lighting solutions can provide certain benefits in different areas of agriculture.


Benefits of LED Lighting in Agriculture

Hontech-Wins barn lighting systems are useful in different areas of agriculture. Understanding how these lighting solutions can benefit your agriculture business ensures you get a better view of where Hontech-Wins fits into your business. We’re going to take a look at every area where LED lights can be useful in agriculture and consider the specific benefits it offers.


Poultry Lighting



Poultry lighting is crucial, especially if you are going to raise chickens from birth. Specialized Hontech-Wins barn lighting that focuses on poultry can offer a significant reduction in your overall lighting costs. The use of LED bulbs reduces power usage. These lights have also been shown to provide improvements in the development of the musculoskeletal system among baby chicks and ensure they gain weight in less time.


If you want your hens to lay eggs, then an LED lighting solution can also help them achieve maturity in a shorter period of time. Egg output can also greatly improve with these solutions, while also ensuring the eggs are of higher quality. Overall, it’s possible for these benefits to help your business gain better output and improve profits in the long run.


Pig Lighting



Another type of livestock solution where Hontech-Wins become a valuable partner is pig lighting. By having LED lights in the pig stay, it’s possible to notice various improvements and advantages. For example, food intake can be greatly enhanced through the use of pig lighting. You’ll also be able to regulate how they consume food, which results in better feed conversions.


Other than these, you can also expect the lights to improve physique, reducing morbidity amongst your livestock, and to enhance their physical performance. These are all important benefits in the agriculture market.


Mushroom Growing Lighting


Growing mushrooms is a complex process and you need to avoid potential elements that could result in toxin growth. Mushrooms are fungi, after all. While mushrooms do not depend on light in order to grow, it’s important to note that certain types of lighting solutions can actually help with the growth process. LED lights can help to significantly improve the cap size of the mushrooms you are able to produce. Furthermore, it has been found that vitamin D content increases when mushrooms are grown under specialized LED lights.


Dairy Lighting



You can also turn to Hontech-Wins barn lighting solutions if you want to improve the dairy output of your business. It’s been found that lighting in the barn can help to increase milk production by as much as 14% in some cases. Furthermore, the lights also help to improve activity among cows and can help to contribute to better fertility - which is great if your focus is also on expanding the number of cows on your farm.



Hontech-Wins barn lighting solutions are a great addition to different types of agricultural setups. Whether your focus is on livestock, mushrooms, or producing the best quality dairy, as an LED lights supplier, Hontech-Wins works closely with every client to ensure their needs are met. Contact Hontech-Wins to find out more about their pig, mushroom grown, dairy, and poultry lighting solutions and how it could work for your agricultural business.