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Understanding Poultry Light - A Guide To LED Lights ​ And Other Light Sources For Layers


Understanding Poultry Light - A Guide To LED Lights

And Other Light Sources For Layers


When it comes to poultry production, there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration. In terms of broilers, specialized lighting can help to improve the well-being of the poultry. A good poultry light can also help to improve feeding among livestock and yield better quality products in the long run.


Understanding Poultry Photobiology

Understanding the effect that light has on poultry is important. The retina of poultry has a total of four cones, which signifies the fact that they are likely to see color differently than humans do. With this said the light sensitivity among humans and poultry has some similarities, with maximum sensitivity reached at a spectrum of 545 to 575 nm.


Researchers have found that two particular color spectrums, including red and green, seem to have a significant impact on poultry. Red light, in particular, has been found to impact the sexual maturity of poultry. Egg production by poultry is directly affected by their sexual maturity, which is how red light can become a beneficial addition to businesses in agriculture when using a poultry light.


How Light Affects The Production Of The Breeders



Several factors of a lighting solution affect the production of layers in agriculture. This is why it's important that a lighting system is carefully developed in order to comply with the requirements of the livestock.

Factors that hold a large impact on the production of layers include:

● Duration: The time spent underneath the poultry light affects how the lighting system affects the poultry.

● Intensity: How bright or intense the poultry light can also have a significant impact on the overall efficacy. The right intensity can help to reduce risks associated with very bright LED lights.

● Spectrum: It’s also important to consider the spectrum of the LED lights used in these solutions. Red is particularly important, but do not overlook the role of blue and green spectrums.

Difficulties In Maintaining Uniform Light Intensity



One common issue faced in agriculture, particularly with poultry, is maintaining a perfect uniform in terms of light intensity. When LED lights are more intense in one part of the container than the rest, productivity results may be altered.

Hontech-wins produces poultry light solutions that are incredibly effective and use only top-quality parts in the manufacturing process. Not only do the poultry light systems that come with Hontech-wins LED lights offer uniform intensity, but also provide coverage according to your exact requirements. As a top-rated LED lights supplier, Hontech-wins offer access to a diverse selection of lighting sizes and spectrums and offer a fully dimmable system for added convenience and control. The company also works closely with customers to find a solution that is well-suited to their needs.



With a diverse selection of both AC and DC-powered LED poultry light options, Hontech-wins has the capability to boost productivity in agriculture. The company is well-equipped with the hardware and factory space required to produce these lighting solutions and prioritizes the quality of every piece shipped from its warehouse. View the official Hontech-wins website or contact us for more details.