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Specially Designed Lighting Systems For Broilers And Layers


Specially Designed Lighting Systems For Broilers And Layers


Lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to both broilers and layers in agriculture. One of the main purposes that lighting solutions serve is to regulate the intake of feed and water. By using an indoor breeding system with a specially designed lighting system from Hontech-wins, it’s possible to make adjustments to the photo period of poultry, essentially with the goal of strengthening the immune system and improving their overall welfare.

How Specialized Lighting Systems Help Agriculture



There are different ways in which a Hontech-wins lighting system can assist in the agriculture business. Here are just some of the ways how these lighting systems can be used for broilers and layers.

● The broiler poultry lighting solution primarily focuses on the use of green and blue light spectrums, along with a red component.

● The layer lighting solution comes with a darker shade of red light, along with green and blue spectrums.

The use of specific spectrums can help to regulate feeding more effectively while also aiding in the overall growth and health of the livestock.


The Use Of Hontech-wins Specialized Poultry Lighting System



There are several benefits that our specialized poultry lighting systems can add to your agriculture business.

● Improve production efficiency: Production becomes more efficient when poultry’s intake of food and water is better regulated.

● Animal physiological and psychological health: Regulated feed helps to improve the intake of nutrients in the livestock, which can help to provide improvements in overall well-being. The regulated photo period also improves psychological health.

● Energy efficiency: LED lights are used in these systems, which use less energy compared to some of the alternative lighting solutions that are on the market.


Hontech-wins Technologies And Top Products



Hontech-wins prides itself in serving the agriculture market in an area that is critical - lighting. This includes poultry lighting. With the right lighting systems, it’s possible to create significant improvement in the overall productivity. The lighting solutions from Hontech-wins are customized to your needs and can be a great way to have control over the day-night cycle among the livestock.

There are also multiple solutions in various categories that are designed to meet high standards set by farmers. The poultry lighting system comes in both AC and DC power options, which adds greater diversity to ensure the system will fit with the specific type of power you have available in your agricultural setup. These systems are also scalable, allowing you to easily add additional functions, such as dimmable LED systems, to the setup you have. Some options come with LCD touch panels for easier control.



Hontech-wins have been providing top-quality lighting solutions since 2009. The company was founded by Mr. Rodney Wei, and its primary purpose is to develop LED lighting solutions that can provide increased productivity and efficiency in the agriculture industry. The use of specially designed systems ensures companies in agriculture can obtain a solution that is tailored toward the layout of their system. Apart from poultry lighting systems, Hontech-wins also specializes in solutions for pigs, dairy, and mushrooms.