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6 Management Practices for Better Poultry Performance


Many factors can affect the poultry's health. For example, the disease outbreak, weather changes, and improper breeding methods may lead to a decline in egg production, threatening the life and health of poultry. Therefore, the market demand for efficient management strategies and high-quality equipment, including LED lights and programmable dimmers, is rising.


This article will focus on six management practices to improve poultry performance and the advantages of Hontech-wins products. Follow up and keep reading.

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Beneficial Management Practices in Poultry Farming

1. Disease Prevention

A harsh environment, such as severe cold and heavy rain, can lead to the breeding of various diseases in poultry. Protecting the health of poultry requires comprehensive planning and management. For example, breeders should provide a safe environment with high standards of hygiene.


On the other hand, breeders must properly vaccinate the poultry and regularly administer broad-spectrum antibiotics to boost their immune systems. In addition, the breeders should deworm the poultry with some effective parasiticide such as piperazine. It helps control parasitic infections of intestinal worms caused by drinking groundwater. Last but not least, breeders should ensure the proper distance between farms.


2. Lighting Management

Lighting greatly impacts all aspects of poultry, including feeding, metabolism, digestion, etc. In addition, the lighting controls the intensity of different hormones that affect the poultry's growth, reproduction, and maturation. Therefore, a stable lighting system can reduce mortality and promote the healthy growth of the poultry.


The spectrum produced by LED lighting is continuous and rich in blue and green, which can regulate the circadian rhythm of poultry and accelerate their maturity. On the other hand, programmable dimmers simulated sunlight, which can eliminate the strong light pressure caused by sudden lights on and off, enhancing the immunity of poultry.


3. Housing Management

Housing management of chickens contains plenty of factors such as temperature, relative humidity, ventilation, heating, etc. The poultry house should be designed with proper ventilation even in cold weather to avoid overheating, dust and ammonia. In addition, breeders should choose sterilized feeders and water bowls. Moreover, electric brooders or heaters can be installed in pen as a second heat source for the poultry. Furthermore, the breeders can raise the floor with a generous roof overhanging to prevent rain from entering the fence.


4. Litter Management

Breeders usually cover the floor surface of the poultry pen with a bedding material called litter. However, damp litter, even in patches, can become a breeding ground for potential pathogens and diseases without proper management. For example, it can lead to elevated ammonia concentration in the barn, which is detrimental to poultry's health.


In addition, breeders should consider factors that help prevent litter from getting wet, such as material type, litter quality, litter depth, water quality, waterline management, lighting management, ventilation, and temperature. For example, overly dry and dusty litter can lead to dyspnea.


5. Water Management

Freshwater provides nutrients for poultry, reducing the chance of poultry getting sick and improving their performance. Factors that breeders need to consider when managing water are as follows:

1. Quality, pressure, mineral content, and accessibility of the water;

2. Cleanliness of drinker lines and regulators;

3. Flushing pipes during production;

4. Eliminate biofilm and mineral buildup;

5. Maintenance of water dispenser;


6. Feed Management

Since the poultry generates heat and keeps warm in cold seasons by increasing the caloric intake of food, breeders should add nutritious ingredients such as oil or fat to their feed. In addition, keeping the feed line in line with the poultry's height to reduce the feed waste and avoid contaminants like mycotoxins to ensure the quality of the feed.


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