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Hontech-wins Releases New T8 LED Tube Light Series Worldwide


Shenzhen, China - Hontech-wins, the experienced manufacturer , is pleased to announce a new T8 LED Tube Light Series - FD Series. Available in Three sizes (2ft" and 4ft and 5ft") with three color temperature voptions (3000K, 4000K, and 6000K), the FD Series is a simple and more energy efficient replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent tubes.


Hontech-wins Releases New T8 LED Tube Light Series Worldwide

Fitting standard wateproof cap with an AC voltage of 100-240V, and dimmable 180-265Vac option. The FD Series T8 Tube Lights are ideal for chicken farm, poultry house, freezer, under ground parking and public indoor settings. Consuming less energy than fluorescent T8 tubes, the 2ft" and 4ft" Castor Series T8 tubes only use 10W and 20W, respectively. Additionally, these LED T8 tube lights shine bright natural-looking light for a minimum of 30,000 hours. This translates to fewer T8 tube replacements, saving time and cost.
 With the environment in mind GlacialLight designed the Castor Series to contain no hazardous chemicals, such as mercury, or harmful radiation emissions such as UV or IR, making more eco-friendly than traditional lighting. The FD Series is also more economically friendly; The FD Series is also more economically friendly and has a higher luminous efficacy than traditional tube lighting.
IP67 waterproof use
Direct replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent tubes
Rotatable (0°/45°/90°/120°/180°/270°)
Perfect for a wide range of applications
High power efficiency > 80%
High luminous efficacy LEDs
Easy to Instant on, no flicker or buzz
Simple rewiring installation allows lamps to run directly off
No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal
Emits virtually no UV rays or IR
Glass-free for safer working conditions
Energy saving and environment friendly


Model No.
Type of Driver
Beam Angle
LED info
Total Length
200 degree
SMD2835 66pcs
L:600mm 0D26mm
1020Lm Max
HT-T8AC10W06FE270 degree10W
SMD2835 36pcs*2
L:600mm 0D26mm1080Lm MaxIP67
HT-T8AC15W12FD200 degree15W
SMD2835 96pcs
L:1200mm 0D26mm1520Lm MaxIP67
HT-T8AC18W12FE270 degree18W
SMD2835 72pcs*2
L:1200mm 0D26mm1580Lm MaxIP67
HT-T8AC20W15FD200 degree20W
SMD2835 120pcs
L:1500mm 0D26mm2020Lm MaxIP67
HT-T8AC22W15FE270 degree22W
SMD2835 84pcs*2
L:1500mm 0D26mm2080Lm MaxIP67
Material of tube
1) PC Housing Pipe LED tube for safety operation
2) Waterproof: PC material with strong spring function to fit strongly from full PC pipe withstanding water goes inside
3) Moisture-proof:PCB&Driver are coated by conformal coating
Color Temperature
2700-6500K Option
Min 80+
Beam Angle
270 degree,200 degree option
Warranty Period
3 years Above