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Hontech-Wins Pig Lighting Improves Pig Welfare and Production


Hontech-Wins Pig Lighting Improves Pig Welfare and Production


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of pig farming. Pigs perceive light differently than humans. So, setting up pig lighting appropriately to simulate nature is crucial. Installing quality products and properly using the lighting system can positively affect the behavior, growth, and productivity of pigs. Read on to learn how appropriate pig lighting can help farmers achieve desirable swine behavior and farm performance.


Key Benefits of Using Appropriate Pig Lighting

Pigs need different lighting in each stage of the production cycle. Learning about those specific needs and lighting benefits will help create a quality environment to ensure their welfare. Appropriately using pig lighting at each stage of the pigs' production cycle has the following benefits:


1. Optimized Sight

The right lighting environment improves and optimizes the sight of pigs, making them more adaptive and comfortable with their surroundings. When pigs see better, they feel better and remain calm. Ultimately, this leads to better performance and well-being.


2. Increased Welfare and Performance

Swine lighting, particularly the one that offers tunability and control (e.g., distribution, intensity, spectrum, etc.), can positively affect the welfare and performance of pigs. Proper lighting helps the pigs remain calm and reduces stress, leading to healthier and happier animals.


3. Improved Fertility

Optimal lighting is crucial in the farrowing stage of pigs. With the proper lighting, farmers can stimulate pigs' biorhythm and biological clock to make them feel and perform better. Because of this, farmers can expect improved fertility of pigs for the next generation.


Boost Pig Farming Results with Hontech-Wins' Quality Lighting Solutions

From the above-listed benefits, it is clear that lighting plays a crucial role in managing a productive, healthy pig farm. To ensure that farmers get optimal levels of light to improve the pigs' behavior, performance, and welfare, it is crucial to invest in the correct type of pig lighting. Hontech-Wins is a reputed agricultural LED light supplier you can rely on to cover all pig lighting needs.


At Hontech-Wins, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying innovative LED lighting products that deliver unmatched performance levels for farming applications. For swine lighting, you can choose our popular T12 LED pig farm lighting. This flicker-free and dimmable LED light has been designed with pigs' welfare and performance in mind. The following are some significant benefits of using our exclusive pig farm lighting: 


ü Reduced Costs

T12 LED pig farm lighting is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Installing this product throughout the farm will help farmers significantly reduce their electricity bill, leading to reduced costs of running a successful business. The waterproof pig lighting is also durable and long-lasting, making it a valuable investment.


ü Decreased Workload

T12 LED pig farm lighting is easy to install and easy to clean. It has been designed to function well with little control under any condition in the pig farm and has a hassle-free and long lifespan. All in all, it is a beneficial choice for farmers because it decreases workload, downtime, replacement costs, and more. Thereby, less workforce is needed to support the operation of pig lighting.


ü Better Overall Farm Results

T12 LED pig farm lighting excels at evenly distributing light on a farm. The lighting is also dimmable, which means users can conveniently make adjustments to light intensity to achieve the best results at each cycle of pig production. It simulates natural light for pigs and leads to increased productivity and performance.



Since pigs react and respond to light differently than humans, it's essential for farmers to invest in the correct type of dimmable lighting on the farm to ensure that they are getting optimal levels of light to improve pigs' behavior, welfare, and performance. If you are finding the best pig lighting to enhance your business, Hontech-Wins is your reliable choice.


We offer LED light solutions that meet the demands of farmers. All our products have been designed to save energy, improve the indoor lighting quality of the farm, and boost overall yields with a focus on animal welfare and health. With our products, you can ensure that the lighting remains optimal on the farm, resulting in increased productivity with decreased workload and low overall maintenance costs. Get in touch with us to learn how we can deliver the best lighting solution for your farming needs.